Pottery in Switzerland

Our timeless pottery is a traditional stoneware associated with the enjoyment of food and quality time with our loved ones. Our range of high-quality pottery tableware has been captivating our customers, transforming every meal into a special event. The Pure Pottery products are not only beautiful but also very functional in everyday life.

All our products available in Switzerland are made of stoneware. They are formed, hand-painted and after applying glaze, fired at a temperature of over 1250 degrees Celsius. This makes our tableware durable and perfectly suitable for serving food and its storage. Decorations are applied under the layer of glaze and thanks to this method, all our ceramic dishes can be washed in automatic dishwashers.

Pottery bestsellers

Cups and mugs

Fancy for a cup of your favorite tea? Why not enjoy it in a traditional, handmade tea cup?

Pottery cup

Teapots and jugs

There is nothing more appealing than to serve a tea or coffee in a beautifully, hand painted jug.

Pottery jug

Dinnerware Sets

If you want to show your passion to tradition and unique design, try our variety of pottery dinnerware sets.

Pottery Dinnerware Set


Serving small dish? Maybe some fruits this time? For sure a beautifully decorated bowl would find its purpose.

Pottery bowl